By Imoh Essiet

Geographical, economic and cultural differences in many countries greatly alter the rate of success in a mobile money deployment. Despite attempts by hundreds of mobile money establishments in many countries to emulate Kenya’s M-PESA, not so many of them have been that accomplished.

Two factors were critical…

By Imoh Essiet

Wellness is the state of being in good physical, mental and social health and not merely the absence of disease. It is especially an active process that sometimes requires setting goals and adhering to a strict regime to achieve that goal.

While the focus for wellness has…

Your career is an occupation with opportunities for progress that you intend to undertake for a significant period of your life. I believe that your ability to advance or make progress in your career is hinged on the desire to never stop learning. I have put together some tips that…

Career decision requires a series of repeated small cycles of sensitization, examination of self and the environment. Increasing knowledge of the job world and self would facilitate the process of career decisions, helping people to analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

These are some of the basic critical factors…

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